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    Santorini Staycation

    Price is $90.00.
    A Greek getaway gift box for the hardworking and abundantly caring person in your life. This gift box features a Santorini Diffuser from Brooklyn Candle Studio, a soy wax Santorini candle that burns for 70 hours, and a box of custom matches to kick off the mood.

    Why You'll Love It:

    Because who doesn't need the feels and vibes of the Mediterranean in their living room? And when creating that summery getaway atmosphere, we want you to have the best. The only missing is cucumbers on the eyes (we also sell cucumbers), otherwise, these small makers have your day off in their capable hands.

    Santorini Staycation

    Price is $90.00.

    What's Inside

    Brooklyn Candle Studio - Santorini Diffuser

    Handmade reed diffusers that add natural botanical aromas without the flame. Top: Meditteranean fig. Middle: red currant. Base: amber, sandalwood. Lasts 4-5 months.

    Why You'll Love it

    For the home, bedroom, office—anywhere. This chic, eye-catching diffuser is reminiscent of the earthy, fruity aromas of Santorini’s abundant fig trees and lush native currants. Woodsy notes of sandalwood and amber form a rich, warm base that makes us dream of the Greek Isles.

    Brooklyn Candle Studio - Santorini

    Inspired by the earthy fruity aromas of Santorini’s fig trees, with scents of red currant and woodsy notes of sandalwood and amber forming a rich, warm base. Double wicked, poured into a glass tumbler and packaged in a textured box. Burn time 70 hours.

    Foxtrot Matchbox - Cheers

    1 custom Foxtrot matchbox

    Why You'll Love it

    Do you remember when they used to have these in bars? "Smoking or non?"

    Gift Wrapping

    Custom Foxtrot gift wrapping.

    And did you know our gift wrapping is free for orders over $50? Just select it at checkout, pick out a notecard, and it's on us!

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