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The Full Gummy


Meet the full cast of our most crowd-pleasing Foxtrot-original: the gummy mixes! For the candy head in your life, this bundle hits the sweet-and-sour, tart-and-chewy spots we all get nostalgic for. Curated by us, devoured by you (and us). Flavors featured are: Peach Emoji, Berry Sour, Eat & Be Berry, Blue in the Face, Berries & Bubbly, Roy G. Biv, Predators Vs. Prey, and Skulls & Rainbows.

Why You'll Love It:

Ahhh, like a kid in a candy store again. This sampler is the guest of honor at basically any function, because who doesn’t love a good gummy moment? Each mix is curated to bring out the best expression of chewy, fruity, addictive delight—the bundle itself ripe for sharing and splitting with all ages.

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