The Perfect Bite by Fishwife


Inspired by the innovative women of Fishwife, we’ve assembled a range of other tasty brands that sing to Fishwives’ premium, nutrient-rich seafood on the appetizer tray. A “Fishwife” is a 16th c. term used to describe the wives of fishermen—usually connoting brash, foul-mouthed, and brassy. Founders Becca and Caroline relate, so we made a gift for you in their honor of what to assemble:

Why You'll Love It:

We’re in a tinned seafood renaissance and Fishwife is a leader where flavor, style, convenience, and sustainability meet. The tuna is vibrant and steak-like, the salmon is flakey and smokey, and both are absolutely packed with nutrients. To accompany rich flavors like these, we’ve packed this gift with what we call ‘The Perfect Bite’. The women over at Lady Larder set a crispy, salty base, followed a citrusy drizz’ of Brightland’s champagne vinegar, before a final muddled dash of black sesame for that nutty crunch.

What's inside

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